Entrepreneurship Advocacy

We are packed full of innovation, all wrapped up in beautiful ideas.

The Spirit of Enterprise NG

provides avenues for early stage entrepreneurs to develop skill and exposure whilst acquiring personal empowerment opportunities to develop and establish their ideas / businesses.

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Side Hustle NG

focuses on encouraging people to launch side businesses whilst under employment and inspiring them to grow it till it starts generating significant income and possibly an alternative career / business.

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We believe in supporting the growth and development of current and future entrepreneurs and enterprises. Our focus has been to act as a link between our target audience and the resources they require in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions.




Through our entrepreneurship advocacy initiatives, we commit to providing professional support to equip our target audience.

We do this by providing Information Resources, Networking Events, Expositions, Business Clinics, Seminars, Coaching, and Consulting Opportunities, and we rely on the support of our volunteers, advisors, and partners in making this happen.