About Us

Information about our company and our philosophy

Business In Tandem Limited is an organizational management advisory firm that provides bespoke professional services to growing firms in the areas of human resources and organizational management, recruitment and selection, learning and development, corporate event management, and SME business support.

Our Vision

We strive to enable our clients achieve a greater level of organizational success and thus contribute towards growth and development that will outlast generations

Our Mission

We identify qualitative ways of enhancing our clients’ businesses in order to propose and design tailor made services geared at addressing their unique needs.

Our People

Our team is comprised of well qualified and experienced professionals. As we are focused on ensuring that client engagements receive a high level of expertise, we sometimes partner with other partner with professionals who possess current and up to date knowledge and skills in their areas of expertise to support on client engagements.

Our Processes

How we do what we do and what our typical process involves

Understanding the client’s unique needs


Clarifying identified needs and expectations


Designing programmes and services tailored towards our understanding of client’s needs


Implementing proposed programmes and services


Assessing effectiveness of proposed programmes and services


We do all these by adopting a bespoke approach to identifying and fulfilling clients' needs. This affords our clients the opportunity of contributing to the process and ensuring their perspectives are embedded in recommended services.