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Business In Tandem Limited is an organizational management advisory firm that provides bespoke professional services to growing firms in the areas of human resources and organizational management, recruitment and selection, learning and development, corporate event management and SME business support.

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From HR strategy articulation, strategy sessions to business planning and strategy all coming together in a personalized way.


Training on leadership, personal development, human resources, personnel, business and executive management.


HR policies development and review. staff audit, organizational structuring, business research, planning and development.


From outsourced HR services management to our expertise in recruitment, selection and interviewing.


Employee coaching and counselling on career development, business clinics, proposal development, research and surveys.


From organizational, recruitment and selection assessment to business plannin, structuring, research, surveys and assessments.


HR services, conference and seminar organizational management that includes HR polices development and review.


Our bespoke and unique candidtate sourcing service always avails organizations in selecting the right candidate.


From strategy sessions to town hall meetings and team bonding activities, we adopt a strategic apporach to design corporate events.

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